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Great Horned Owl

Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail


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The counties of Autauga, Chambers, Chilton, Clay, Coosa, Elmore, Lee, Randolph and Tallapoosa are proud to announce the opening of the Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail, the fifth of eight trails that make up the Alabama Birding Trail system.  Since work began three years ago, we have been in touch with numerous groups and individuals who had the interest and nature-knowledge to participate in creating this tourism project.  The response has been very gratifying and the support received from each of the counties within the Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail has been exceptional.  Everyone  realizes the importance of highlighting the various outdoor activities that each county has and how to bring them to the attention of the outdoor-loving public.  The project is also the perfect plan for a family to arrange their ‘in-state’ vacation.   Nationwide, wildlife tourism generates over $45 billion annually.

The PPBT consists of 35 birding sites in  Autauga, Chambers, Chilton, Clay, Coosa, Elmore, Lee, Randolph and Tallapoosa Counties.  Each of these locations has tremendous tourism assets that will provide a multitude of experiences for visitors, not the least of which is the immense bird population the state is privileged to have.   The secret to a successful birding trail is having the proper habitat for the numerous species of birds that call Alabama home.  We are also a favorite on the migratory pathways during Spring and Fall. Alabama is fortunate in that we have the most diverse habitat in the Southeast, from the Appalachian Mountains to the Gulf coast and everything in-between, with the Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail in the center.  A total of 445 bird species have been seen in Alabama.  Of these, 104 are permanent residents, while the rest are known to regularly breed in or pass through the state heading to or from their breeding grounds.  Besides the actual birding sites, there are dozens of additional destinations for the visitor to find while in the area.   Places like Carlisle Drug’s vintage soda fountain in Alexander City  (Tallapoosa County), Flat Rock Park on Lake Wedowee (Randolph County), The Old Rotation  (Lee County) and dozens more to bring all we have to offer to the attention of the visitor.  Other  recreational trails that are found in the nine-county area, such as the Alabama Hiking Trail Society and Alabama Scenic River Trail, are ready  to make sure visitors have access to a variety of options to make their visit complete.

Please visit our website until then for further updates, speaker list, guests, etc.

Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail



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